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"Over the last few years the Kentucky State House has become an outlet to attack public education, teachers, women's reproductive rights, LGBTQ+ rights, law enforcement, lower income individuals, healthcare, and science. This has become a fight for Kentucky's future, and I won't stand idly by and watch these attacks continue. Now is the time we need a strong voice. Now is the time for new leadership. I'm fired up and I'm ready to go!"

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- Justin Bramhall

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Justin is a lifelong resident of Lexington's 79th Legislative District ... and he is more determined now than ever to step into Frankfort and make a positive difference in the lives of people throughout Kentucky. 

Harvey Milk said, “Rights are won by those who make their voices heard.“ Never before has an openly gay person been elected to Kentucky's House of Representatives - and we can change that!

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The precincts of the 79th District are: Aqueduct, Brookhaven, Brookewind, Castlegate, Cedar Run, Chinoe, Cove Lake, Crestview, Ecton Park, Clifton, Complex, Edgewater, Gingermill, Glendover, Gray Hawk, Groves Point, Hollywood, Kirklevington, Laketower, Lakeview, Lansdowne, Laredo, Leawood, Malabu, Mapleleaf, Montavesta, Montclair, Oaks, Patchen Village, Plainview, Richmond Rd, Rhodora Ridge, Rio Dosa, Saddlebrook, Seven Parks, Shadeland, Shady Lane, Winter Garden, and . Zandale. For a .pdf file, to use zoom and navigation abilities, click here.

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