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Justin is a proud son of Lexington and lifelong resident of the 79th Legislative District. Justin has a deep love for Kentucky and a strong will to make it better for those that live here. He went to school, K-12, in the Fayette County Public School system and attended Tates Creek and Henry Clay High Schools. His mother is a retired public school teacher and his father is now retired from the small painting business he owned in Lexington since since 1978. Justin's family taught him that working hard and helping others are two of the most important values in life. Justin is more determined now than ever to step into Frankfort and make a difference in the lives of people throughout our Commonwealth. 

Justin grew up in a lower middle-class family and has seen what it's like to struggle to move up in the world. It has been 13 years since the last minimum wage increase, yet the average Kentuckian earns 21% less than they did in 2009."Right now, big corporations are getting the rewards while low income and middle-class folks are having the odds of moving up stacked against them; taking on more debt than ever with expensive student loans - confronted with inflation and housing cost increases - and running the risk of having their children and grandchildren inherit a dying planet. If the US government can't get the job done, our state leaders need to take the reins like so many other states and increase the minimum wage for hard working Kentuckians to live better lives."


Justin thinks it's time for us to hit the reset button. "History has proven we can fix big problems, and now we need big ideas for our time. Mark Twain once said, 'if the world comes to an end I want to be in Kentucky because they are 20 years behind everywhere else.' Our state doesn't have to rank last, or close to last, in just about every category," Justin said. "We don't have to accept the way things are, and it's within our power to change them. The time to be bold and make a difference is now!"








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As a freshman at Eastern Kentucky University in 1999, Justin was the founder of the EKU College Democrats and hosted Senator Joseph Lieberman in his preparation for the Vice Presidential debate in Danville, KY.  While at Eastern, Justin studied Political Science and Communications. He also has a degree in Film & Video Production from Full Sail University.

Justin and his partner Spencer have two dogs, Remy and Lady Belle. In their free time they enjoy hiking at different locations around Kentucky and traveling.

Since Justin was a student in high school he has been involved in government. Some of the people Justin has worked to fight for change with is Vice President Al Gore, KY Speaker Jody Richards, Rep. Scotty Baesler, Rep. Ben Chandler, and Mayor Teresa Isaac. "I have worked for people I believed in - people I thought could make a difference in the lives of everyday folks.  As your State Representative I promise to always do my best. I will always listen to your problems and concerns, work hard to make change, and I will always stand up for progressive values that will make Kentucky a better place."

Harvey Milk said, “Rights are won by those who make their voices heard.“ Never before has an openly gay man been elected to Kentucky's House of Representatives - and we can change that. Winning this election would mean that Justin will become the first openly gay male State Representative in Kentucky's history. Justin believes everyone deserves representation in government, and he will be an outspoken advocate for those that are underrepresented or not represented at all. 

"Rights are won only by those who make their voices heard"

- Harvey Milk

The time to make a difference is now!