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My dad was a Marine and my grandfather was in the Army, and they taught me the importance of gun safety. I grew up shooting rifles, shotguns, and handguns on my grandparent's farm in Harrodsburg, so I'm no stranger to firearms.


The Second Amendment isn't going anywhere. With that said, those of us who favor gun safety reform need to make sure that we are proposing meaningful solutions that are also constitutional. Gun violence requires more than moments of silence - it requires action. I support measures to make our communities safer and doesn't make it easier to arm bad guys.

My priorities include:

  • Nationwide Felony Background Checks - Kentucky currently only requires in-state background checks. If a person has committed a felony in a different state and moves to Kentucky, they are currently able to purchase a firearm in Kentucky. Our families and communities deserve the opportunity to keep guns out of the hands of people that shouldn't have them. I strongly support Nationwide Felony Background Checks for firearm transactions and believe they should be required for ALL gun purchases.

  • Domestic Violence - Last year 78% of women that were shot, were shot by an intimate partner after a domestic violence order had been put in place by a judge. Currently in Kentucky it is up to a judge to decide to issue an order of removal of firearms from a domestic violence offender - but obviously that judicial digression isn't working. I would sponsor legislation that would require the removal of firearms from a domestic violence offender for the length of time the Domestic Violence Order is put in place.

  • Reverse Anti-CCDW Legislation - In 2019, the KY Republican majority passed NRA sponsored legislation to eliminate Carry Concealed Deadly Weapons permits. This means it will be legal to carry a firearm in public without being educated, trained, or pass a test to carry and conceal. There needs to be more gun safety education, not less. This is dangerous legislation and it must be reversed.

  • Register Handguns - Several states require the registration of handguns with the state, and Kentucky should too. Registration of all gun sales would help law enforcement solve more crimes involving firearms.

  • Waiting periods - I support a waiting period for handgun sales of three days.

Progress requires us to act!

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