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Voting Reform

Kentucky ranks last in the nation in about everything, which includes voting accessibility and voting rights. We have to do better.

My priorities include:

  • Restoration of Former Felon Voting Rights - Kentucky is only one of two states in which laws currently prohibit 314,000 citizens from voting because they had once committed a felony. I support restoring voting rights for former felons once a person has served their time and paid their debt to society.

  • Presidential Candidates & the Primary Election Date - Our Primary Election is so late on the calendar compared to other states, we typically don't have much of a voice when it comes to selecting a Presidential candidate. Because of this, Presidential candidates don't pay attention or hear the concerns of Kentucky voters. To help have the issues that matter to us heard and make our voice important, I will propose legislation to move the Kentucky Primary Election date to "Super Tuesday."

  • Automatic Voter Registration - Democracy is strongest when more people are involved in the process. Kentucky should implement automatic voter registration and make it easier for all folks to vote by absentee ballot.

  • Extended Voting - In order to reduce lines and make voting as accessible to as many people as possible, I support allowing voting in County Clerk's Offices the entire week leading up to each election. I also support limited (four-hour blocks) of precinct voting on the Saturday, Sunday, and Monday prior to each election. 

  • Absentee Vote Counting - Absentee votes should be counted and reported at the time the polls close on election night. This will prohibit future confusion of what ballots were submitted and if they were submitted on time.

Help make history!